Freight - Offset

A unique and distinct sales feature of our luminaries is our freight offset. Our luminary pallet cost is the extended price of the models at list PLUS actual freight.

The freight is in partial (85-95%) offset with free product at Suggested Retail Price.

NOTE: multiple pallets delivered to the same location have a lower per pallet cost. The free product combined will offset the
freight at/or greater than 100%.

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4 Seasonal Trends

4 Seasonal Trends has 2 product lines suited well for Garden Centers,
Hardware stores with Garden Centers and/or décor retail space.
We have drop ship programs consisting of :
  1. Terra Cotta Luminaries
  2. Seasonal Coir Mats


What We Do

4 Seasonal Trends is renowned for our Terra Cotta Halloween
 and Holiday Seasonal Luminaries that are handmade and hand-finished.
- Our pre-set selections are sold by the pallet and have free product
  added to offset freight costs.
- Seasonal and themed Coir Doormats made from Natural materials.
- 20"x30" sized mats with a rubber backing. Sold in packs of 10.
- Packs can be split between 2 styles, 5 rugs per style.